Cassie "Cricket" Kuo is a friend of Sammy. Unlike most of the supporting characters, she doesn't appear often.


Cricket and her family used to always be outdoors backpacking. But when her mom died, it seemed like the whole family died along with her; Cricket's brother, Gary, "lived on the internet", and their dad was always at work. When Cricket was in sixth grade, she joined a scout troop with two other girls named Bella and Gabby.


Cricket would always be looking at someone through her bangs, so her bangs are probably in her eyes. She gives shy smiles. Cricket's shoe size is a seven.


It was made apparent in her first appearance that Cricket (then known as Cassie) was quiet and shy. Sammy didn't see her at the lunch tables or after school; she didn't hang out around town or at the ballparks. At first when Cricket told Sammy that she was in a scout troop, she said it quietly and had a shy smile. Bella and Gabby, two other girls from her scout troop, were best friends and had been in the troop since fourth grade. Because of that, Cricket seemed to be overshadowed by them. Cricket quietly said that she'd been in the troop since sixth grade. Despite this, Cricket is able to open up to people, like Sammy, and can be quite hyper. Sammy hadn't seen anyone talk as fast as Cricket was.

Since Cricket is in the scout troop, she likes to camp and is passionate about condors and will talk on about their conservation. If someone makes fun of them or jokes about them, she'll defend them and correct the person who made fun of them. Cricket said that anyone who's seen a condor soaring over the canyon says it's the most amazing sight, and she was determined to not leave until she spotted one.

Even though Cricket wasn't harrassed by Heather, Cricket despises her. She joked about Heather coming back from England with a phony British accent and claiming to have gotten a private tour of Buckingham Palace, and Sammy thought the things she said about Heather were spot-on. Cricket hated that Heather tortured Sammy, and she wondered how someone could be so terrible. And since Sammy stood up to Heather and Casey likes Sammy, Cricket thought it was the perfect payback.


  • Unnamed father
  • Gary Kuo- older brother
  • Unnamed deceased mother
  • Unnamed uncle


  • Cricket might like Billy, because when he and Casey met her and Sammy at Vista Ridge, she blushed beet red when he directed his attention to her. Then she watched him behead the dead rattle snack to eat.
  • Cricket and Sammy have the same shoe size; a seven.
  • Cricket doesn't sleep in her own bed; she sleeps in her closet.