Danny Urbanski is a supporting character. Last year he went to school at William Rose Junior High, and this year he attends Santa Martina High School as a freshman.


Danny and Billy Pratt went to the same pre-school together, and he remembered Billy starting something called the "Nap Nazi". Danny was in elementary school with Sammy and Marissa, with Marissa having a crush on him. Billy called Danny "Dippin' Dots Danny", so there could be a story behind that nickname.


Danny is known to be a smooth-talking snake who tries to act all suave. He is thought to act "cool", and he puts his jacket on "cool". Marissa had a crush on him for years, and he knew this; he took advantage of her then by acting all slick around her. When Danny laughs, it comes out as a fake, forced laugh, and he laughed at his own jokes. It seems like Danny disliked Sammy and Holly because he thought they reported him to the police; he called Sammy "nosy", and he insulted Holly because she has been homeless. After being in court for attacking a guy on Halloween night, Danny seemed to have remorse for his actions.


  • Unknown father
  • Unknown mother


  • Danny had been dating Heather for a short time over the summer.
  • For Halloween, Danny dressed up as a cop.