Debra Borsch is the wife of Sergeant Gil Borsch. She married him in Sammy Keyes and the Wedding Crasher. Debra is the receptionist at the SMPD station.


Debra has bleached blonde hair that's in a birds nest hairstyle. Sammy described Debra's nose to look like a beak. Because of Debra's hair and nose, Sammy dubbed her Debra the Dodo. In Sammy Keyes and the Wedding Crasher, Debra tried to get a spray tan, but she put on too much and her skin looked orange. After Sammy and Marissa got instructions on how to get rid of the tan, Debra took a bath and her skin went back to normal.


Instead of using -ing at the end of her words, Debra tends to say -in', and instead of 'them', she says 'em. She calls Sammy "Sams".

When Debra was preparing for her wedding, she got very emotional because of her big day, and she cried over the mistakes or accidents that happened, such as when she had a spray-tanning malfunction.

According to the Borschman, Debra understands him, and she loves him. When Sammy told Debra what Gil said, she got a tear in her eye and said she had to marry that man.


  • Gil Borsch- husband


  • Debra is 40-years-old.
  • Debra lives on Elm Street.
  • Since Debra was marrying Gil at the Community Presbyterian Church which is around the corner from where she lives, it can be assumed that Debra is a Presbyterian.