The Heavenly Hotel is a hotel across the street from the Senior Highrise. It is a recurring location throughout the series beginning in the first book Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief.


The Heavenly Hotel has been described as seedy, notably due to the dirty paint, peeling wallpaper, filthy carpeting, and smell of rotten potatoes. Mostly everything there is old and not well kept-up, so dust is everwhere. The stairwell is lined with mirrors that bounce your reflection back and forth, which can be kind of scary since it's reminiscent of a "House of Horrors". Most people prefer to take the elevator. However, an interesting thing about the hotel is the lobby's furniture; there are these funky green pointy-backed chairs that look like the pope's hat. Andre is the manager of the Heavenly and can always be seen at the front desk chomping on a cigar. Many people staying at the Heavenly are usually deranged-looking, or teetering between freedom and jail. Many say they're war vets, but according to Andre, some are probably lying to get sympathy for the state their in. Paying is cash up front only, and is usually paid by the day.

Notable ResidentsEdit

  • Madame Nashira
  • Larry Daniels
  • Lance Reijden
  • Buck Ritter