Hudson Graham is the 73-year-old friend of Sammy. Sammy comes to Hudson to clear her mind, and asks advice on her archenemy, Heather, or the current mystery.


Hudson is 73-years-old, and Sammy thinks he's the best old guy in the world. She doesn't know that much about his past though. She thinks he could have been a FBI or CIA agent, or maybe a politician. He has different types of tape recorders and many dictionaries in foreign languages and other books. He also has knowledge of safecracking (a little bit) and told Sammy possibilities of how to crack one. Because of this, it's possible that he could have been something like a FBI agent or CIA agent in his past.

Hudson is a long-time friend of Chauncy LeBard. He said that Chauncy's house used to shake with Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, and you could smell the coffee brewing from the foyer.They would sit on Hudson's front porch and argue politics.

Hudson and Chauncy knew Tommy Bell, the owner of Bargain Books. Hudson was at his store once when a fellow came in with a box of books. Tommy didn't want them but Hudson wanted them. But after Tommy left, Hudson saw one of them was a first-edition, and Tommy wanted it back and said the books were his. To make a long story short, he threw Hudson out of his store and banned him from coming back ever since.


Hudson has bushy, white eye brows, which give him away, and white hair. He wears different types of boots, some are furry, and others are like reptile skin. That's probably the most noticeable trait of him.


Sammy calls Hudson the "best old guy in the world". Whenever Sammy needs help clearing her mind, he is there for her. He has a lot of knowledge to give to Sammy for her problems, usually having to do with the current mystery playing out or Sammy's archenemy, Heather. And if Hudson doesn't know it, he probably has a book on it in his library (he has a LOT of books). Since Hudson has dictionaries in foreign languages, it is assumed that he can speak/has knowledge of more than one languages. Based on his appearances in the books, he seems to know about things like spotting counterfeit bills, safe-cracking, first-edition books, art, classical music, and probably more than just those topics. After all, he does have shelves full of books in his house. In Sammy Keyes and the Psycho Kitty Queen, when He, Sammy, Grams, and Lady Lana went out for Sammy's birthday at a restaurant, Lana told Sammy that she thought Hudson and Grams looked like a good couple together, as they talked to each other. This could mean that Hudson and Grams have crushes on each other. Hudson is also one of the few people who know about Sammy's living situation.

Despite Hudson's usual intelligence on most things, he seems amusingly clueless when it comes to women and love, such as in Sammy Keyes and the Art of Deception when he becomes smitten with Diane Reijden and Grams becomes jealous. For a while, he doesn't understand why Grams was acting the way she was until Sammy points it out to him, and he gets embarrassed. After finding out Diane is a fraud, Hudson regrets being so blind, but accepts that he basically learned his lesson since falling in love with the art doesn't necessarily mean falling in love with the artist.


  • Hudson is a friend of Chauncy LeBard, and he knows Tommy Bell (Mr. Bell), but was banned from his store.
  • A little girl named Ellyssa and her mother live near Hudson, and they were featured in Sammy Keyes and the Runaway Elf.
  • One of his favorite drinks seems to be iced tea.
  • Lives on Cypress Street
  • Has a cool old car called Jester, and he had a dog named Rommel, but he passed away.
  • Has a neighbor called Miss Kitty who owns a lot of cats.