Inga on the cover of Hollywood Mummy

Inga Mueller is a character that has only appeared in Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy. She is the sister of deceased Max Mueller. &nbsp


Inga is an elderly sort of woman, since she's not too much older than her 66-year-old brother. When she appeared, she had white gauze wrapped around her hands, around her head, and most of her face because she had had a disastarous plastic surgery. Inga has amber eyes, which Sammy described as "tiger eyes, yellow and fierce."


Inga is crabby and fierce. She knew Sammy was up to something, and she was hostile toward her. Inga was kinda psycho for most of the book, and even jabbed Sammy in the stomach with a miniature pitchfork. But at the end of the book when Inga found out about Lana's identity and what her brother had been thinking about before his death, she seemed to soften up a bit; She said that if she had been Lana, she would never have left Sammy. And she was thinking about going back to Austria.


  • Max Mueller- older brother
  • Unknown father