Lana Keyes is the absentee mother of Sammy and daughter of Rita Keyes (Grams). She is sometimes called the GasAway lady and Lady Lana.


Lana is the daughter of Grams, being probably 35-36 years old. She gave birth to Sammy thirteen years before the series, and it was with an unknown father, who Lana said was "the biggest mistake of my life". It was revealed in Sammy Keyes and the Search for Snake Eyes that she dropped out of college when she was going to give birth to Sammy, as she was 22 years old back then. She used to work at a restaurant called "Big Daddy's", but decided to become an actress when Sammy was eleven. When Lana was still with Sammy, they would drive up to Santa Luisa for trips sometimes.


When Sammy saw Lana in Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy, she has totally changed her appearance. She has natural brown hair, but when she auditioned for Lords she bleached her hair platinum blond. Her hair is at chin length. According to Sammy, her mother always looks beautiful, makeup or no makeup, first thing in the morning or late at night. She wears pretty outfits, ranging frommovie star clothes, like a mini skirt and silky white blouse under a tomato red blazer, with matching red lipstick and high-heeled pumps, to something simple like a light yellow sweater with white capris. Lana has freckles across her nose.


Lana is an irresponsible mother, having abandoned Sammy to run off to become an actress in Hollywood. Because she left her own daughter to just become a soap star, Sammy dislikes her mother and thinks of her as a 'Selfish Diva'.

Lana hates blood (possibly having hemophobia), as Sammy described her to think of bleeding like passing gas, you leave the room. When Lana sees a mouse or a rat, she screams. Sammy gives her mother the name Lady Lana, because of her hate of blood, fear of mice, and fainting (when she does it, she is really dramatic). She ran off to become some kind of movie star, and she's like a princess.

Lana keeps many secrets from Sammy, and pulled a few stunts that Sammy thinks are unbelieveable, such as lying to Sammy about her own age. Despite being described as weak and frail, Lana can be snarky Sammy, calling her immature.

Lana is attracted to Warren Acosta. She and him started dating, and Sammy thought her relationship with Casey would be ruined. She downplayed Sammy's crush on Casey, saying that everyone gets crushes and they go away. So when Sammy hid in the closet after "Casey's" text, Lana thought it was very unacceptable. Even though Sammy and Lana's relationship is a little rocky, Lana came and defended Sammy after the Mr. Vince death threat incident, even believing Sammy's story (which was true afterall).


  • Rita "Grams" Keyes- Mother
  • Sammy Keyes- Daughter
  • "Gramps"-Father
  • Unknown father of child, possibly ex-husband
  • Unknown grandfather


  • Lana temporarily changed her name and age to Dominique Windsor, age 25.
  • Did a commercial on NBC for GasAway, and was nicknamed the GasAway Lady.
  • Portrays the character, Jewel, on The Lords of Willow Heights.
  • There were two times that she was at Gram's apartment and she was scared by a mouse running around.