Maximilian Mueller is the culprit of Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy. He owns a talent agency in Los Angeles.


Max is from Austria. His father was some sort of ambassador, and his family spent years in Egypt when he was growing up. He married a woman named Claire who was said to have been a phenomenal actress. But then twenty five years before the series, she died in a car accident on Valentine's Day, caused by a delivery truck. Five years later, Max started his talent agency. He used to be a director and producer and even wrote a few features. Not long after starting the agency, Max had a relationship with Reena, his cook, and they had a child out of wedlock named Hali, but he and Reena kept the secret from Hali that he was her father for nineteen years.


Max has a tan face and a white mustache. His eyes are green and he wears tortoiseshell glasses.


To most people around him, Max comes off as a levelheaded businessman. From growing up in Egypt, Max has a great appreciation for Ancient Egyptian art and culture, which the villa is decorated in. He is a bit of a control freak, though, since his employee contracts require giving him 50% of their earnings for the first eight years. And instead of keeping the original copies at a bank, he keeps them in his office. Due to working in the entertainment industry, Max believes in maintaining a certain reputation, and having an illegimimate child doesn't fit in to that. He wouldn't even pay Hali's tuition to UCLA.

Sammy discovers that he's more troubled than expected, when she pieces together that Max wanted to kill Lana because he believes she is the reincarnation of Claire and he has cancer. He really loved Claire and had his office made into her shrine, but he also hid her mummified body inside his large c!oset. Max seriously worships the gods of Ancient Egypt and reincarnation. Despite Lana trying to tell him the truth of her identity, he keeps trying to find things similar about her and Claire, only seeing what he wants to see. At Trouvet's, Max's insanity is even more apparent when he poisons Lana along with himself; he has a grotesque grin plastered on his face and starts calling out a prayer to the gods of Egypt. Fortunately, Sammy is able to save Lana and get her to the hospital, but Max doesn't make it. 


  • Inga Mueller- sister
  • Unnamed father
  • Hali- daughter


  • Max was 62 years old
  • He is one of the only criminals in the books to die