Different drawings of Grams in the series

Rita Keyes is the grandmother of Sammy and a main character in the series. Sammy calls her "Grams".


Not much is known about Grams' background, but she gave birth to Lana 35 years before the start of the series. There was one point when Gramps, her husband/Sammy's grandfather, left her on his motocycle after he met a young woman at a biker shop. Now when she sees a man riding a harley at night, she gets a little weird, like it's the ghost of her past husband. It was revealed in Sammy Keyes and the Wild Things that Grams' father owned a shot-gun and hunting was how he got them food when she was a child.


Grams has grayish- white curly hair, and she usually wears dresses and pumps. She has reading glasses.


Grams loves Sammy very much. She never ceases to worry about her when she gets involved in her adventures. She always wants Sammy to call her so she knows what she's doing and if she's ok. The two of them are very close, in fact, much closer than Sammy is to her mother. Grams seems to not like Sammy's high-tops, hoping that she'll buy better shoes, thinking they aren't very lady-like, but she seems to let Sammy do her thing. She is concerned for Sammy in cases with her archenemy, Heather, like when Sammy told Grams about Heather's ambush, and the nail marks left on her neck, so Grams suggested even calling the police about it. She seems to know about Heather's cruelty, as she witnessed a few scenes of her uncivil behavior. Grams might have a crush on Hudson, and went to exploit a young "artist's" true nature after she thought he was admiring her. Sammy mentioned that Grams cared about people's fashion sense and personal hygene, with an example being Sammy Keyes and the Dead Giveaway, when Sammy thought there was something weird with Mrs. Stone, and Grams just thought "that hippie look is very unattractive if you ask me." A little quirk about Grams is that she likes to say "P-shaw" when something is ridiculous. She is very lovable and funny. when she is sure of something she is certain. Edit


  • "Gramps"- Ex-husband
  • Lana Keyes- Daughter
  • Sammy Keyes- Granddaughter
  • Darren Cole- son-in-law
  • Unknown father