Rose Wedgewood, sometimes called Mrs. Wedgewood, is a main supporting character in the series. She debuted in Sammy Keyes and the Search for Snake Eyes.


Nothing much is known about her background, but she moved into the Senior High Rise after the previous occupant, Daisy Graybill, died. She says that she shouldn't be living in there if she doesn't have assistance. In her past, Rose has fallen off toilets, needing the assistance of the fire department. One of the firefighters knows her name because of that.


Rose Wedgewood is a very fat old lady. Sammy sometimes calls her a Whale and Hippo. She is apparently bald, as she wears a black curly wig. Mrs. Wedgewood wears huge muumuu dresses and walks with a cane. She gets all her big clothes from Large & Lovely at the mall. She likes to wear muumuus that are "festive" colored, like blues and greens. Because she falls off toilets, Mrs. Wedgewood has bruises on her legs.


The Wedge is "a sweet-talking blackmailer". Since she is really fat, she has Sammy do errands and chores for her or else she'd reveal that Sammy lives illegally. She has super-sonic hearing, and that's how she discovered that Sammy was living at the apartment next door. She usually calls Sammy "Sugar" when she asks her to do her favors. When Rose was mad at Sammy for letting the Nightie-Napper steal her giant muumuu she told her to buy her a new one "or else!" which meant she was threatening to spill the secret. Despite this, she apoligized later and baked cookies for Sammy.