Sasha Stamos is a new character and classmate of Sammy. She debuted in Sammy Keyes and the Wedding Crasher.


Sasha lives on a farm in Sisquane with her six brothers, and she's in the middle. She had always been homeschooled until eigth grade when she enrolled at William Rose Junior High. One of her younger brothers is autistic.


Because Sasha had been homeschooled, she isn't used being at a regular school, and she needs time to adjust. She doesn't act like a regular junior high student who stays by the code and keeps quiet; she is very responsible, and when Mr. Vince had a "fainting" scene, she was the person who called down to the office. Sammy knew that if Sasha found about the Die Dude photo of Billy on Heather's phone, Sasha would turn it into the office, being the overly responsible person she is. When Mr. Vince's substitute allowed the class to work on whatever because she didn't know what they were doing, Sasha was the person who spoke up about the pages the class had to read. But even though Sasha doesn't act normal, she actually tried to cheat on a crossword with Sammy.

Sasha seems to hate Mr. Vince, because when he called the class "Retards", Sasha found it offensive because her little brother is autistic. She called Mr. Vince an ignorant teacher, and she had told her mother about what Mr. Vince had said to make him apoligize.


  • Unnamed mother
  • six brothers


  • Sasha is dating Lars Teppler.
  • Sasha is in Sammy's P.E. class.
  • Because she has to deal with brothers, Sasha was able to trip Heather without Heather noticing.