Sisquane, California is a fictional town in the series. It is a suburb of Santa Martina, California, and it was the prime setting of Sammy Keyes and the Curse of Moustache Mary.


Some of the first residence in the area of Sisquane were the Huntleys and the Murdocks. The Murdock clan came over on the same wagon train that Lucinda Huntley's great-grandmother, Mary Huntley came on.


Sisquane, California is a suburb of Santa Martina. It's probably not too far away because Sammy and her friends were able to bike-ride there. The town is known for its cool block parties, but some of the residence have been known to throw dangerous parties.

The last time Sammy had been to Sisquane was in fourth grade for a field trip, and she thought it was a hick town with a lot of weeds. But when she came back in Curse of Moustache Mary, the town had more housing development.

Notable ResidenceEdit

  • Dot DeVries
  • Aneke DeVries
  • Beppie DeVries
  • Stan DeVries
  • Troy DeVries
  • Mr. DeVies
  • Mrs. DeVries
  • Lucinda Huntley
  • The Murdock Family
  • Taylor Briggs
  • Karl Briggs
  • Casey Acosta
  • Warren Acosta
  • Sasha Stamos


  • Sisquane is based off the real city of Sisquoc.
  • One of the streets in Sisquane is Golden Oak Circle.