Saint Mary's Church is the church that numerous characters, such as Sammy, Grams, and Hudson, attend. The priest who ministrates the church is Father Mayhew, who happens to have a dog named Gregory. There are two Sisters at the church; Mary Margaret and Josephine. There is a Brother: Brother Phil. When Sammy was eleven, Grams took her to the church to be baptised.

Notable EventsEdit

Every November there is a canned food drive for Thanksgiving. Last year when Sammy was paying off 20 hours of detention at the church, Father Mayhew's goblet and cross went missing. A group of sisters, called the Sisters of Mercy, were visiting at the time. The Sisters of Mercy were having church concerts around the country for charity. Sammy discovered that the Sisters had stolen the goblet and cross and other items . The Sisters of Mercy weren't really the Sisters of Mercy, but imposters; the real Sisters of Mercy were somewhere else.