Tenille Toolee is a minor supporting character in the series. She is in the same grade as Sammy and her friends, currently being an eighth grader at William Rose Junior High. She is no longer friends with Heather Acosta.


Tenille wears a lot of earrings like her friends. She has a gold stud that sticks through her bellybutton, and since the piercing is visible, she could wear crop-tops. Tenille has been seen wearing a dark blue stretch skirt that's shrunk way up her legs, and black platform shoes. At the Fairwell Dance, she, Heather, and Monet wore spaghetti-strap dresses with up-do's and jewelry.


For most of the series, Tenille has been a copy-cat friend of Heather. She, like Monet, seemed to exist to do Heather's bidding, such as collecting money for the charity Help Heal Heather fund. She would hang out with Heather and join in on some schemes. Sammy had even called Tenille the Witless Wonder for being a seemingly bimbo-ish tag-along. But in Sammy Keyes and the Night of Skulls, Tenille changed. She hadn't been mentioned to having been with Heather, and with all the recent events involving Heather, Tenille has given up being her friend. She made peace with Sammy and her friends, letting them know she was no longer the enemy. And this makes a difference because unlike Monet, Tenille has had a change of heart.