Vera Talbrook is the mother of Meg Talbrook, and they both own and work at the Pup Parlor. Vera and Meg are the legal guardians of Holly Janquell, a friend of Sammy.


When Sammy first saw Vera, she thought Vera was like ninety; she's got wrinkles galore, she's missing some teeth, and she's wiry. Sammy described her forearms to look like stretched-out, overroasted chicken legs. Vera and Meg both have pouffy poodle dos decorated with little clip-on bows: red, pink, purple, polka-dotted. They seem to have a different pair of bows for every day of a month.


Despite looking old, Vera can wrestle a bulldog into a bathing tank. She and Meg are both hardworking and kind and trustworthy. They put it together about Sammy living with Grams back when the only person who knew was Marissa. But they didn't make a peep about it; they minded their own business.


  • Meg Talbrook- daughter
  • Holly Janquell- adopted child
  • Unknown son-in-law


  • Vera and Meg's old phone number was "Walnut 2-2812".
  • Vera and Meg had an old-looking camera, but by Sammy Keyes and the Cold Hard Cash Vera bought a new digital camera.