William Rose Junior High School is the junior high that Sammy and her friends attend. The school's mascot is a bullfrog, and the school is rivals with Paul Bruster Junior High.


  • Dr. Morlock- principal
  • Mr. Foxmore- vice principal
  • Mrs. Tweeter- secretary
  • Cisco Diaz- Head custodian
  • Mrs. Ambler- seventh grade homeroom teacher
  • Ms. Pilson- seventh grade English
  • Mr. Tiller- seventh grade math
  • Mr. Holgartner- seventh grade history
  • Mr. Pence- seventh grade science
  • Miss Kuzkowski- seventh grade art
  • Mrs. Rothhammer- softball coach and girls' P.E.
  • Mr. Jefferson-eighth grade history

Notable StudentsEdit

  • Sammy Keyes
  • Holly Janquell
  • Marissa McKenze
  • Margaret "Dot" DeVries
  • Heather Acosta
  • Tenille Toolee
  • Monet Jarlsberg
  • Sasha Stamos
  • Casey Acosta
  • Billy Pratt
  • Cassie "Cricket" Kuo
  • Lars Teppler


William Rose Junior High's campus has a flag pole with three flags on it: the American flag, the California flag, and the school's flag with a bullfrog on it. The school isn't just one big building, but it's a campus with different buildings for classes. There's a fence around the school to make sure intruders don't come onto the school property, but Holly Janquell took note that the gate was wide open for anyone to come in.

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